What to Look for When Ordering Fish Online

Posted on June 10 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

Get a Money-Back Guarantee

First, make sure the retailer offers a money-back guarantee. No guarantee? No order. It's that simple.

Don't See the Fish You Want? Ask!

Almost all fish can be ordered online 24/7/365, but there are exceptions. If you don't see the fish you're after, either ask the retailer or simply wait. Fish have to be hatched and raised first before they go up for sale.

Read the Description

Unless you are a professional, read the full description of each fish before you order it. Many species cannot live together in the same tank. Some require specific climate and ecosystems. The best retailers provide detailed descriptions about all their fish. It is a great way to be informed and to learn something new as well.

Watch or Ask for Discounts

In some situations, the seller isn't able to sell all the fish in their hatch. That usually means they will offer a discount. You can get fish you always wanted at a great price, but sometimes you have to ask first.

Read Customer Reviews

If the fish isn't shipped securely, safely, and with the fish's health (including stress) in mind, then you can reasonably assume the retailer isn't caring for the fish very well prior to shipping, too.

How are you supposed to know how the fish ships before ordering? Read customer reviews. The retailer may make all sorts of promises, but only customers know the whole truth.


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