6 Nano Fish to Try in Your Saltwater Aquarium

Posted on June 10 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

As the name suggests, nano fish are tiny additions to an aquarium. Their popularity comes from how small a tank they will tolerate without stress, as well as their flashes of color.

Here are six to try in your saltwater tank.


Firefish are the most common choice for nano fish. They look amazing, and with yellow head and purple, blue and orange bodies, they are a real pleasure to watch at your aquarium. We like them the most due to care level, which is low. The temperament is peaceful, so they can be kept with many other species. Don't forget that they are a carnivore.

2. Neon Blue Goby

The Neon Blue Goby will grow up to 2 inches, with colors that include blue and black. Paired with a white aquarium floor, they will look amazing. The temperament is peaceful, despite the fact they are carnivores. Consider them for all tanks with 10-gallon capacity or less. They are easy to keep as well.

3. Hector’s Goby

Hector’s Goby is similar to the previous ones we mentioned. However, they are more complicated to keep, and they are an omnivore. The size is small as well, but they can reach 3 inches. The colors are black and yellow.

4. Fowleria Cardinalfish

Orange and red are the colors this fish offers. It will grow up to 3.5 inches, requiring a 30-gallon tank. However, it makes up for that by being compatible with most other fish.

5.Black-Lined Blenny

Black-Lined Blenny is another omnivore. It is slightly more demanding, but it is still a great choice overall. Yellow, black, and blue colors are the most common you will get, and they are easy to pair with other fish.

6.Swissguard Basslet

The Swiss Basslet requires a 10-gallon tank, but it isn't compatible with many other fish species. It is aggressive, so use care and caution. The max size is 3 inches.


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