Read This Before You Buy an Aquarium: Money-Saving Tips

Posted on July 01 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

Read This Before You Buy an Aquarium: Money-Saving Tips

You get what you pay for when it comes to buying aquariums. However, there are still ways to save money without sacrificing quality.

Wait for a Sale to Buy New

Savings: $$$$

This seems obvious, doesn't it? However, when someone gets the itch to start a tank, the urgency comes at a price, especially when buying a new aquarium. Wait for a sale. It's worth it.

The advice here isn't to necessarily buy a used aquarium, though. Used tanks come at a great price, but unless you are positive it has a clean history, you may be in for surprises down the road. For example, tiny cracks in the glass may not reveal themselves until a total failure happens after the purchase.

A new tank is worth the investment, but not at MSRP. 

Use LED Aquarium Lights to Reduce Electrical Costs

Savings: $$

LEDs are amazing technology for saving money. They offer white light and last much longer than traditional bulbs. Light is in constant need in a fish tank, so any way you can save money in this area is a big benefit.

Buy New Pumps, and Match it to the Tank

Savings: $$$

Used pumps cost less, but the wear and tear drives up the electricity costs for operation. New pumps save money over time, especially when they match the volume of the tank. Don't go too big or too small with pumps. When you've got the right model, don't skip maintenance.

Remember, the cost over time matters as much as the upfront cost.

Get Dry Rock

Savings: $$

Live rock and sand are the best, but they are also the most expensive. Go for dry rock instead. The aquarium floor will look great, and you will also save money.

Join an Aquarium Club

Savings: $$$$$

This tip sounds weird, since becoming a member of an aquarium club will cost you money. However, all clubs have contacts and deals with aquarium shops! You can get a nice discount on an aquarium that pays for the cost of the membership many times over.

The benefits don't stop there. Club members often trade fish and equipment. Some of them will even give away equipment when they move on to a new set up.


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