50-Gallon Fish Tanks: Glass or Acrylic?

Posted on June 11 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

Glass and acrylic aquariums look the same at first sight, but looks can be deceiving. For 50-gallon aquariums, you need the material that suits your needs. The variables are endless, so let's focus on three key considerations.

Glass Aquariums Weigh Twice as Much as Acrylic

As a general rule, glass aquariums are two times heavier than acrylic ones. For instance, an acrylic tank of 50 gallons will have a total weight of 40 pounds, while a glass version will have 80 pounds.

Does this matter? That's up to you.

Bonding Affects the View

Bonding is an aquarist term that is used to explain how sheets of material are linked together. Glass models are usually bonded with silicone. Yes, it is durable and strong, but it affects the clarity of the view.

Acrylic versions have no visible traces of the bonding methods. The view is therefore clearer.

Will You Need to Drill?

Installing a pump and a filter is simpler with acrylic aquariums because it's easier to drill holes.

On the other hand, drilling into glass requires a special touch. Diamond-tip drilling bits are mandatory, and the risk of cracking is omnipresent.

Pre-installed pumps and filters solve for this issue in both types of aquariums.


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