3 Automatic (and Fun!) Fish Tank Cleaners

Posted on June 25 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

Regular cleaning of your fish tank regulates the nitrogen cycle, removes dissolved and particulate organic compounds, and replenishes essential minerals. Maybe that's why many hobbyists are willing to pay for an automatic cleaner. Cleaning is just too important to skip.

Here are three automatic aquarium cleaners that do their duties in innovative ways. We think they make the chore fun, too!

RoboSnail Automatic Aquarium Glass Cleaner

The RoboSnail controls algae buildup on the surfaces of aquariums. Its distinguishing feature is that it is activated automatically after its last cleaning time once a day without user intervention. It is made to work with most rimless, wall-mounted, or freestanding fish tanks. After the initial preparation of the glass surface and completing a simple program mode, this cleaner is ready to go. It can sense the top, right, and left edges of the tank, and start cleaning according to the user’s preprogrammed parameters of the aquarium. It is well suited for standard glass aquariums from 55-150 US gallon aquariums with a glass size of 6-10mm. Most of all, it's fun to watch work.

MOAI Robot Fish Tank Cleaner

MOAI is a fish tank cleaner and HD camera in one. It's like strapping a camera to a pleco. The cleaner consists of two units: one on the outside of the glass with a motor and one on the inside with a pad for scrubbing algae. Both halves are connected with magnets. As the motor moves, so does the scrubber. When the battery is low, the cleaner returns to its glass-mounted charger. Its users can schedule the tank cleaning time through mobile apps. These apps let the smartphone act as a remote control, too, and store recorded footage. How could that not be fun? 

Self-Cleaning Fish Tank (sold under various generic brands)

You've probably seen these around online, sold under various brands. They all work roughly the same way. This self-cleaning fish tank is made of shatterproof plastic. It does not require electricity, high running costs, or constant maintenance. To start the process, place a collection glass below the nozzle. Next, pour a glass of water into the aquarium. The resulting effect completes a cleaning cycle in less than 60 seconds. There's no worry about turning the process "off," either. When the water reaches the ideal level, the cleaning stops automatically. This self-cleaning fish tank does not require any cords, filters, fishnets, removing of plants or rocks, or vacuuming of gravel. Is it thorough enough? Only you can decide, but it sure is fun to watch.


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