The latest news and announcements from The Pleco Feeder.

Sun, May 19, 24

Just Added: Virtual Gift Cards

The perfect gift for any freshwater aquarist is The Pleco Feeder, but sometimes you're unsure of the size your recipient needs. The Pleco Feeder virtual gift card is here to...

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Fishkeeping Events in Pennsylvania

Fri, Dec 01, 23

The Pleco Feeder Sponsors Keystone Clash 2024

The Pleco Feeder is proud to announce it is sponsoring Keystone Clash 2024, the nation's largest hobbyist-run aquarium convention. The event will take place Oct. 4-6, 2024, at the Holiday Inn Convention Center...

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It's a pleco fish party!  Plecostomus feeding on The Pleco Feeder.

Sun, Mar 19, 23

Show Us Your Pleco!

There’s nothing we love more than seeing The Pleco Feeder in action! No matter what you feed your plecostomus, if it’s on The Pleco Feeder, we want to see it....

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The Pleco Feeder The Best Way to Feed Your Pleco

Tue, Feb 28, 23

Greetings from The Pleco Feeder

It’s been about a week since we’ve restocked and kicked off with new ownership. We couldn’t be more grateful for the response and to Doug, the inventor of The Pleco...

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