5 Creative Ideas for Fish Tank Decorations

Posted on July 02 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

5 Creative Ideas for Fish Tank Decorations

Aquariums don’t have to be plain and simple. Give them some charm and personality. Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking.

Pop Culture-Themed Aquariums

One of the most popular fish tank ideas is creating a pop culture-themed aquarium. Whether you like Spongebob, Star Wars, or Super Mario, you can express your fandom through your fish tank. Add gravel or substrate of appropriate colors. Place ornaments that complement your chosen theme. There are even 3D backgrounds that feature elements of pop culture. If you really want to go all out, add fish species that suit the theme of your tank, too. 

Coffee Table Fish Tank

Why place a fish tank in a corner when you can make it the center of attraction of your living room? A coffee table aquarium is one of the best fish tank ideas for people who want to introduce their aquatic pets to their guests. The base of the table acts as a tank while the top can be used for magazines and mugs. The top is generally made of one-way glass so that any objects on the table won’t disturb the fish. You can purchase a ready-made fish tank coffee table or undertake a DIY project for the same.

Floating Rocks

DIY doesn't need to be complicated, though. Floating rocks give your aquarium a gravity-defying look. Instead of placing all the rocks at the bottom of a fish tank, hang some of them from the hood. They will look as though they are floating in the water, resisting gravity. You can hang some of them closer to the water surface and a few of them in the middle to create an even distribution. There are several ready-made kits available that make it easy to decorate a fish tank with floating rocks.

Ancient Ruins

Another great option among fish tank ideas is to create your own version of ruins by building underwater wreckage. You can add a stone pyramid or temple that not only gives the tank personality, but can also serve as a home for fish. The ruins can be accompanied by gravel or a green bed of small plants. You can also add a statue or two of ancient mythological figures. Adding ornaments, such as the ruins of a submarine or ship, can further enhance the scenery. This is a classic, and it still works.

Contrasting Topography

Contrasting topography adds some diversity to the appearance of your fish tank. You can virtually partition the tank by creating two different types of beds. You can create a dense forest on one side by using plants and ornaments, and a sparsely populated gravel or sand beach on the other end with minimal decorations. The dense forest will provide cover for your fishes while the open area gives them space to explore. No matter how you choose to do it, aquariums with contrasting underwater topography look cool.


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