10 Hot Reptile Thermostats

Posted on June 28 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

10 Hot Reptile Thermostats

A reptile thermostat is an essential requirement for terrariums, especially those that are installed in cold environments. It automatically turns your heater or heat mat (or even a cooling fan) on or off, depending on the minimum and maximum temperature values set by you. Your reptiles will have a comfortable living environment and be healthy.

1. Inkbird WiFi ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat (pictured above)

The Inkbird WiFi ITC-308 uses a smart controller that can be operated using the Inkbird Smart app available for both iOS and Android devices. The thermostat has two outlets that enable you to connect heating and cooling equipment simultaneously. It allows a maximum load of 1100W. Its two displays show the current temperature and the set temperature. The displays support Celsius and Fahrenheit units of measurement. Its temperature probe has a range of -40°F to 212°F (-40°C to 100°C) and is accurate up to 0.1°F/°C. You can set high and low temperature limits with alarm notifications as well.

2. BN-LINK Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Controller

The BN-LINK Digital Thermostat Controller comes with a temperature probe and has a single socket for attaching a device. The thermostat supports a maximum load of 1000W and a maximum current of 8.3A. Its temperature measurement range is from 32°F to 140°F, while the control range is from 40°F to 108°F. You can set the temperature using the three buttons on it. A display is provided for showing the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Multiple LED indicator lights on the device show the current status of the thermostat.

3. VIVOSUN Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

The VIVOSUN Digital Thermostat allows you to set the control temperature between 68°F to 108°F. You can set the temperature by using the three buttons on the thermostat. It has a single socket for connecting a heater or a heat mat. The display on the device can show the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit with LED indicators indicating the selected measurement unit. Additional LED indicators show the power status and if the plugged-in device is currently working. You can install the thermostat using a hanging tab or wall mount.

4. Hydrofarm MTPRTC Controller Thermostat for Heat Mats

The Hydrofarm MTPRTC Controller allows you to control the temperature digitally and supports a temperature range of 68°F to 108°F. The front side of the device has a display, three buttons, and a few LED indicators. The display can show the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit units, and its LEDs indicate the selected unit. A socket allows you to attach a heating device, and it is compatible with most plugs. The build quality of the thermostat is excellent, and it comes with ETL certification.

5. Zacro Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

Zacro Digital Thermostat includes the thermostat and a probe sensor. It has a display that supports Fahrenheit and Celsius readings along with three buttons for controlling the device. You can set a temperature between 41°F and 108°F (5°C and 42°C) using the thermostat. Its sensor probe has an accuracy of up to ±0.1° and assists in maintaining your terrarium at the right temperature. It comes with a single socket for connecting a heat mat or a heater with a maximum load of 1000W. There are LED status indicators on the thermostat as well.

6. Zoo Med ReptiTemp RT-600 Digital Thermostat Controller

The Zoo Med ReptiTemp RT-600 supports dual modes for controlling the temperature. The Heat mode turns on a heater or heat mat when the temperature falls below the set value. Its Cool mode powers on a cooling device in case the temperature rises above the defined value. A single socket allows you to connect the desired device. You can use heating devices up to 600W and cooling devices up to 150W. The thermostat supports a temperature range from 50°F to 122°F. A large display shows you the current and the set temperature values in addition to the selected mode.

7. Inkbird ITC-608T Temperature Controller with Dual Temperature Sensor

The Inkbird ITC-608T Temperature Controller is best for large terrariums. It uses two temperature probes that can be installed at different positions in a reptile tank. They will assist in reducing temperature variation in the terrarium. The device has a temperature control range of -40°F to 212°F (-40°C to 100°C). Its large display can show the temperature readings from both probes simultaneously. The thermostat has two outlets and can supply up to 1800W of output at 15A and 110V. You can use a single temperature sensor or replace one of the sensors with a humidity controller as well. It can also work with cooling devices.

8. WILLHI WH1436A Temperature Controller 110V Digital Thermostat Switch

The WILLHI WH1436A digital thermostat can be programmed to turn on a device at a specific temperature and turn it off at another temperature value. The thermostat can display the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit on its screen. It uses an NTC 10K sensor probe with a measuring range of -58°F to 230°F(-50°C to 110°C) and ±0.5° accuracy. It comes with a single socket that can bear a maximum load of 1100W at 110V. You can use it in heating mode or refrigeration mode and also set temperature-based alarm notifications.

9. bayite Temperature Controller 1650W BTC211 Digital Outlet Thermostat

The bayite BTC211 digital outlet thermostat is one of the best reptile thermostats with two sockets. You can plug in a heating and a cooling device at the same time in its outlets or use a single device of any type. It can supply up to 1650W output at 110V. The thermostat uses an NTC 10K temperature sensor and supports measurements from -58°F to 230°F (-50°C to 110°C) with ±0.5° accuracy. Its two independent displays can show the temperature readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can also set temperature-based alarm notifications.

10. DIGITEN Digital Thermostat Outlet Controller DTC-101

The DIGITEN Digital Thermostat is a multifunctional item that supports heating and cooling modes. The large LCD of the device can show temperature readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit. It uses a silicone temperature sensor that is waterproof. Its measurement range is -40°F to 248°F (-40°C to 120°C) with ±1° accuracy. The thermostat allows you to connect a single device with a maximum load of 1100W at 110V. It also supports sensor fault and over-temperature alarms.


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