5 Factors to Consider Before Adding an Aquarium Decoration

Posted on July 06 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

Aquarium decorations can completely change the feel of your tank and give your aquatic pets something to explore. You should ensure that these accessories don’t throw off water chemistry and that your fish enjoy them as much as you do. The considerations don't end there, though.

Let's take a look at some factors to consider before tossing that next decoration in the tank.

What is the Size of the Fish Tank?

You can overcrowd fish with fish, and also with decorations. How will the decoration affect capacity?

How Tall are the Decorations?

Fish split their time in the top, middle, and bottom zones of your aquarium. It is vital to keep a free area in each of them. It is better to place 1 or 2 tall items that go up to the top zone, and 2 or 3 that are smaller an inch or two from the bottom of the aquarium, to balance the space available equally. This balance reduces stress in your pet fish. 

How Active are Your Fish?

If you intend to keep highly-active fish that have relatively higher oxygen consumption than dormant breeds, adding oxygen-producing decorations/accessories like bubble chests can provide them plenty of air.

What are the Colors of Your Fish?

Decorations should complement the color of your fish. This doesn't always mean matching colors. Contrasts work well, too. If you are keeping light-colored fish, then dark decorations can highlight them. Bright fish look beautiful against pale decorations.

Are There Sharp Edges?

Decorations like fake plants sometimes have sharp edges that can be harmful to your pet fish. Avoid sharp edges to reduce injuries and the resulting infections.


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