DIY: Creative Aquarium Decoration Ideas to Freshen Up Your Tank

Posted on June 28 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

DIY: Creative Aquarium Decoration Ideas to Freshen Up Your Tank

Bored with your current aquarium's decor? It's time to get creative. Here are some ideas to get started.

Let's Go with Legos

Legos can be one of the perfect aquarium decorations if you have sufficient space. You can create a whole Lego scene. Use Lego animals and bricks to create a zoo for your fish to explore, make a Lego home for your fish, make some Lego construction vehicles, or select a movie or superhero Lego set to recreate a fictional undersea world.

The plastic used in Lego bricks is safe for fish which makes them a good option for putting in an aquarium, but remember not to use any glue with the blocks as it can contaminate the fish water. All Lego creations should be cleaned thoroughly before using them and whenever you clean the tank.

Get Green

Adding plants to the aquarium is relatively inexpensive and effortless. You can buy them at a local pet shop. Moreover, you can obtain free cuttings from some other fish keepers at a local aquarium club meeting as well. Plants like Java fern or Java moss are comparatively easy to grow.

Float a Mysterious Bottle

A message in a bottle is always mysterious and interesting. You can simply add a floating bottle to your aquarium with little things you have around your home. This idea can work in almost any size of aquarium. Place a few marbles or some weight at the bottom to make it heavier on the top in order to keep your bottle floating upright. For this idea you can select an antique bottle to give an old-world feel, or choose a colored bottle for a pop of red, green or blue. Put an amusing gift, a special message on a piece of paper, or other trinkets in the bottle.

Using a glass bottle is totally safe for fish. You should avoid using plastic bottles and natural corks as corks can become water-logged and become a breeding place of germs.

Tank the Tea Sets

If you have a few beautiful china tea sets at home that you no longer use, then you have lots of aquarium décor ideas. You can put a lace table cloth under the aquarium to create a fancy and elegant feeling from the outside, or you can place the whole of teapot inside the aquarium (ensuring there is sufficient space for your fish to swim in and out of it). You can also use your children’s miniature tea set depicting a small tea party in an aquarium.

You should note that only food-safe ceramics can be used in a fish tank. You should have many options since the china cabinet is full of food-safe dishes. Avoid using delicate finishes that can flake off, like silver or gold leaf on the edges of saucers and cups.

Roll Out the Rocks

Adding rocks to an aquarium is an inexpensive idea that creates a visual delight. River stones are a good choice for freshwater aquariums due to their smooth shape and the fact that anything that could discharge out of the rock has already been washed away. Avoid rocks that are made of clay or mud because they can dissolve and turn the water murky. Sterilize the rocks by soaking them in bleach water for a few days. After that, soak them in clean water along with dechlorinator before placing them inside the aquarium.

Rocks should be avoided that can unpleasantly change the pH. You should always test this by placing the rock first in a bucket of water taken from the tank. Test the pH of water in the bucket and then retest it each day for many days in order to determine if there is any variation.

Hang Up the Holiday Decorations

The holidays are an amazing time for getting creative with aquarium decoration, particularly if you have some spare holiday décor available. From Easter to Halloween to the traditions and celebrations in your home, take advantage of these special times.

As just one example, remove the hanging hardware from hollow, glass Christmas ornaments. After that, fill the ornaments with water and place them inside the aquarium on its bottom. Add some food-safe figurines, too. String holiday lights all around on the exterior of the aquarium to bring even more beauty and cheer.

No matter how you do it, remember to avoid anything that is sharp or painted to ensure fish health and safety. Similarly, consumable items should be kept away.


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