Recommended: 6 Lights for Coral Reef Aquariums

Posted on July 06 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

Light is fundamental to owning a successful reef tank. A properly illuminated reef tank creates the illusion of depth and highlights your aquascaping. Live corals rely on proper light intensity and spectrum to stay healthy in reef aquariums.

Here are six coral lighting options that we think work well. This isn't a sponsored list, and we don't use affiliate links. We just like the way they light up the tank!

Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light

The Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light is made to be simple yet still fully functional. People prefer it for its slim and sleek look. This product offers an impressive brightness that will transform the look of your reef aquarium. It enables you to make all the light changes through the remote control. Moreover, its memory setting offers you to customize your settings and save them for quick access later on.

The light features a 120-degree dispersion angle that offers optimal spread and color blending. Also, this is an LED lighting fixture that does well in a saltwater reef aquarium, which can be hard to find.

AI Prime HD

The AI Prime HD uses an LED driver system that provides exceptional lighting. Instead of dimming all colored LEDs, this HD driver system dims the unwanted colors and sends the power to the LEDs you want to use. This means brighter lights. Each LED uses an 80 degrees lens for even color blending and PAR distribution under the lighting fixture. Moreover, it also comes with a green and UV LED to augment photosynthesis of zooxanthellae in reef-building corals. 

The Prime HD Series also includes a Wi-Fi control standard and smartphone app for Android or Apple devices. It measures 4.8 inches square and is 1.3 inches thick, making it ideal for nano aquariums that need a compact lighting fixture. It is specially designed for reef tanks, but it can be used for saltwater aquariums as well.

Kessil Controllable LED Aquarium Light

The Kessil Controllable LED Aquarium Light uses a proprietary technology known as Kessil Logic that allows users to choose the ideal spectrum and color with a single knob. Users can then adjust intensity, resulting in an augmented output at both ends of the spectral range by 30%. It eliminates the “spotlight effect,” which is seen in some LED lighting fixtures, producing a natural-looking glow that resembles light in an ocean. 

WILLS Aquarium Light Full Spectrum

As its name suggests, WILLS Aquarium Light Full Spectrum offers a full spectrum of lighting that supports coral growth and health. It offers full spectrum light via red, green, blue, white, and purple LEDs. It also comes with both a blue and white channel, with each one able to dim independently. Furthermore, it consists of 90-degree, crystal optical lenses that aid in deep light penetration in the water, perfect for aquariums that are 24 inches deep.

However, it does lack the fine-tuning control that can be achieved with the app-controlled lights. You can daisy chain multiple units together to light a longer aquarium and eliminate any dark spots. This lighting system mounts by hanging from the ceiling. It does not include the option of mounting it directly on the aquarium. 

Hipargero 30W LED Aquarium Coral Reef Lighting

Hipargero 30W LED Aquarium Coral Reef Lighting is one of the best lighting options if you are building a reef aquarium less than 40 gallons. It is a small light that produces a small light spread, featuring touch-sensitive controls and an adjustable two-channel light system. However, this touch system can get a bit finicky at times. It also includes a mount for easy installation, but this mount is too long for some nano aquariums and does not adjust.

What the users like about this light system is that the manufacturer completely backs its lights with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. There's little risk in trying this unit out for small reef tanks if it looks like a fit.

MICMOL Smart LED Aquarium Light

MICMOL Smart LED Aquarium Light is specifically designed for growing saltwater coral. It allows you to choose the perfect lighting for your aquarium, such as sunrise, sunset, and even lightning storms. Moreover, it can be set to automatic or manual cycles. It features a thin unibody design that can be mounted on tanks ranging in 13-66 inches in length.

Users prefer it for its affordability, easy assembly, and customization. It can be adjusted to each spectrum of light (red, blue, and white). 


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