The Pleco Feeder - History

by Doug Patac, inventor/founder

"The Pleco Feeder was born out of a need to have an easier way to feed my plecos. I was tired of tying a piece of zucchini to a rock then getting my arm wet and covered with duck weed when I placed it in the tank and again when I had to take it out. I started thinking there must be an easier way.

"After several iterations and many design tweaks, The Pleco Feeder was born in 2011. It is made from 316 Stainless Steel and food grade silicone rubber and will provide a lifetime of service. It makes feeding your plecos and other aquarium fish a varied healthy diet quick and easy. Just screw a piece of fresh shrimp, zucchini or any vegetable and place it in your tank. A healthy fish is a happy fish.

"Your plecos and other fish will eat this new fresh food and soon learn when you place The Pleco Feeder in the tank that they will get a tasty treat. It is possible your fish will not eat the food you have supplied to them off The Pleco Feeder. This happens when the fish have not been exposed to the food you are offering them.

"I had a group of adult Farlowella that I recently purchased. They are vegetarians so I offered them romaine lettuce, no luck. I tried zucchini, three times, not interested. This was frustrating because they were eating the catfish pellets I offered them. So I cut a piece of zucchini and impregnated it with the catfish pellets they were eating. That did it! The Farolowellas went to eat the pellets off the zucchini and had some zucchini in the process. Now I am able to place the zucchini in the tank and the fish recognize it as a tasty food.

"Start giving your fish a healthier diet today. The Pleco Feeder makes feeding them nutritious food quick and easy."


US Patent #9192149

The patent for The Pleco Feeder

A New Chapter

In 2023, after more than 10 years of keeping plecos around the world healthy and happy, Doug decided it was time to step away from The Pleco Feeder. The business is now owned and operated by The Writer's Glove, LLC, a company in Minnesota.

Customers can look forward to the same superb quality and excellent service that made The Pleco Feeder so beloved.

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