10-Week Guide: Set Up Your First Small Saltwater Aquarium

Posted on June 11 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

Congratulations! You're on your way to setting up your very first saltwater aquarium. We're betting it's on the smaller side, which is perfectly fine, so this guide will assume as much. We also won't use complicated explanations. This is a simple guide to get you up an running in 10 weeks.

Yes, that's how long it takes!

Week 1: Prepare the aquarium

The first step itself is to pour water, obviously. Then add the sand. Make sure the gravity measures 1.025!

Over the next four weeks, you will have to replace 50% of the water weekly. Make sure to remove all debris, organic materials and etc. from the tank as soon as they appear.

Week 4: Adding the first residents

Now is the time to add an algae pack, which should include small creatures like crabs and snails. The lighting should be set in 12-hour intervals. Wait for 14 days.

Week 6: Add corals

Add a pack of corals and replace 25% of water. Because each coral pack is different, you will have to follow specific instructions. Wait two weeks.

Week 8: Add aquacultured corals

Add aquacultured corals. They are slightly more complicated to introduce to a tank than simple ones. Acclimate them and replace 25% of water.

Week 10: Fish time

This is a complicated task because you must make sure all fish can live in the tank community. Here are some pointers.

* Ocellaris Clownfish, Green Chromis and Kaudern's Cardinalfish can live in a group. All of them are suitable for small tanks and for people who are new to the hobby.

* Orchid Dottyback and Six-line Wrasse do not like their own kind. Be sure to introduce these fish solo and last.

* The size of a tank will determine the number of fish you can keep in it. Don't overcrowd it, or your residents won't be very happy!

Replacing 25% of water per week is a must, especially during the next two weeks. Debris and foreign elements must be removed as well.

Congratulations! Your aquarium is ready!


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