Read This Before You Install a 100-Gallon Aquarium

Posted on June 11 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

You already know 100-gallon fish tanks weigh a lot, but what does this mean in practical terms? Here are four considerations.

You'll Need Help

How much does a 100-gallon aquarium weigh? A well-made, 100-gallon aquarium will easily reach 520 pounds when filled with water.

It won't be possible for you alone to move, customize, and position the tank, so get help.

You'll Need a Good Aquarium Stand

Beginners sometimes place larger tanks on the same stand that's been used for their smaller aquariums. That's not a good idea, unless the stand is already rated for all that extra weight.

Make sure the stand you use can withstand 20% more weight than you place on it.

You'll Need a Stud Finder

Mounting the tank to a wall makes sense from a safety standpoint. Be sure to reinforce the support with studs. Time to head to the garage and grab the stud finder.

You'll Need Gravel

Gravel is an essential element of all aquariums, but how much do you need? The general rule is to add 1 pound per a gallon of water. Don't skimp. Low levels of gravel can have a serious, negative effect on the ecosystem of a tank..


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