The Four Types of Fish Tanks You Need to Know

Posted on June 15 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

The Four Types of Fish Tanks You Need to Know

The freshwater/saltwater divide isn't the only item up for discussion when talking aquariums. There are actually four types of fish tanks, generally speaking.

1. Freshwater Aquariums

Freshwater fish tanks are a "standard’" whenever fishkeeping is discussed. These are simpler and far easier to maintain. Their water temperature is regulated between 72-84 F. This type of serves as a great tropical fish tank for beginners. The majority of freshwater fish can be purchased at an affordable price as compared to marine (saltwater) fish. 

2. Saltwater Aquariums

Saltwater aquariums can offer a variety of beautiful fish, bright-colored corals, and eye-catching invertebrates. These specimens are usually more expensive compared to the freshwater specimens. Generally, saltwater fish need special diets and are more sensitive to water conditions. 

3. Cold Water Aquariums

As the name indicates, these aquariums contain cold water (below 70 degrees). Goldfish are the most common species kept in these cold-water aquariums, although there are others.

4. Brackish Aquariums

Brackish aquariums aren't popular, and it's easy to understand why. Brackish water is a combination of saltwater and freshwater, limiting the variety of fish available. Puffers are most common, and even they can struggle as aquarists try to maintain the proper environment. Brackish aquariums required advanced skillsets for that reason.  


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