Shhhh....5 Quiet Canister Filters For Aquariums

Posted on June 15 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

Shhhh....5 Quiet Canister Filters For Aquariums

Aquarium filters are designed to run throughout the day. A filter that makes a lot of noise can be irritating, especially in bedrooms or offices.

Fortunately, you've got option. Here are five of the quietest canister filters around.

Fluval 307 Performance Canister Filter (pictured above)

This incarnation from Fluval has been specially engineered to reduce noise and vibrations without sparing energy efficiency. The Fluval 307 Performance canister filter is suitable for saltwater and freshwater aquariums with capacity ranging from 40 to 70 gallons. Its EZ-Lift baskets make it easy to replace filtration media via a center handle that removes the main media stack.

OASE Indoor Aquatics Biomaster Thermo 250

When it comes to the quietest canister filter, OASE Indoor Aquatics Biomaster Thermo is great pick. It not only filters the water in your aquarium, but it also keeps the tank at suitable temperatures using an integrated heater. The filter employs a four-stage process that involves biological, chemical, mechanical, and prefiltration stages. Its Hel-X BioMedia promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that assist in removing toxic substances. Suitable for up to 250-liter (66-gallon) aquariums.

MarineLand Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter

If you are looking for the quietest canister filter that can be installed inside an aquarium, then the MarineLand Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter is the right choice for you. It is submerged inside the fish tank. As its motor is underwater, it makes very little noise. Its three-stage filtration process removes mechanical, chemical, and biological impurities in the water. It also polishes water by trapping micro debris and keeps your aquarium crystal clear. The filter has a flow rate of 290 gallons per hour and can be used in 97-gallon aquariums.

Aquatop Forza Canister Filter FZ4

The Aquatop Forza Canister Filter FZ4 has a flow rate of 295 gallons per hour and will be adequate for 60- to 90-gallon tanks. It is super quiet and cleans efficiently. The filter uses a replaceable carbon cartridge that is easier to change compared to powdered carbon. An optional surface skimmer can be attached to the intake valve of the filter if required.

Fluval FX4 High-Performance Aquarium Canister Filter

The Fluval FX4 is a perfect canister filter for large aquariums. It can pump 700 gallons of water per hour, suitable for aquariums up to 250 gallons. It uses advanced microchip technology for optimizing the performance of the pump in real time.

The filter comes with mechanical, chemical, and biological media. Its removable media baskets can hold one gallon of filtration media that can be changed easily. Despite its capacity, the pump is relatively compact, with a height of 16.5”. Rubberized feet further help to dampen vibrations.


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