Level Up Your Freshwater Aquarium with these Exotic Creatures

Posted on June 12 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

If you crave something different for your freshwater aquarium, then read up on these inhabitants.


Do you want a fish that looks like an ancient creature? In that case, Arowana is perfect for you. It is a large fish, reaching 30 inches in captivity (in natural habitat it reaches 48 inches) with a strong jaw.

The food should consist of live crabs, shrimps, and etc. Make sure you have a 4x4 feet tank (at least) and a heavy-duty filtration unit, because Arowanas make a lot of waste.

Tip: These fish will jump from the water to catch their prey, so make sure your aquarium is secured.

Discus fish

Native to the Amazon River, Discus is one of the most beautiful and unique fish you can have in your tank. It is colorful (blue, white, red) and has a circular shape. The size of this fish can reach 10 inches.

An impressive fact is that this fish may recognize you when you approach the tank, so they are adored by advanced hobbyists.

Axolotl (Mexican Salamander)

Mexican salamander is also known as Axolotl. It is actually an amphibian creature, which can be deduced by looking at it (it has legs).

This creature requires an 11-gallon tank with frequent water replacement and water testing. Because their skin is very sensitive, only gentle sand should be used. 


Flowerhorn is native to Malaysia. The lifespan will be between 5 and 8 years, and the maximum length is 16 inches.

This is an aggressive fish, so the entire tank must be their own. They are carnivores and they prefer live foods, flakes, and pellets. When it comes to colors, they are truly fascinating. Red, yellow, orange, pink, and blue are the most common.


This fish comes from South America. It is an aggressive carnivore. This is one for advanced hobbyists only.

Oscars will pull the plants and move items around the tank, so make sure heavy-duty construction is used. Their size is between 10 and 12 inches, and they require 50-gallon tank or more.


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