75-Gallon Aquariums: The Right Mix of Size, Price, and Value

Posted on June 13 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

A 75-gallon aquarium is the first tier when it comes to large tanks, which is why it's so common. Here's why.

Price + Size + Value

The dimensions of the 75-gallon fish tank aren't much more than for smaller models, but it is still far more affordable than larger units. In essence, the price maximizes the value. If you are looking for a large tank on a budget, this is a choice to make.

Because of their popularity, 75-gallon tanks come in a variety of shapes, looks, and forms. There's probably one for you.

Suitable for Many Types of Fish

Which fish you can keep? The possibilities are almost endless: Zebra Danio, Diamond Tetra, Scissortail Rasbora, Pearl Danio, Serpae Tetra and Glowlight are commonly found in tanks of this size, to only name a few.

And Plants, Too!

Most plants are compatible with these aquariums, so there are no issues here. Floating plants are definitely important because they can reduce the amount of light that penetrates the tank. Matching and mixing a variety of plants is possible and simple.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that an aquarium of 75 gallons is a great, all-around choice.


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