10 Great Goldfish Aquariums

Posted on June 09 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

10 Great Goldfish Aquariums

Goldfish tanks must meet a minimum water capacity threshold for providing a healthy environment to fish. If you are going to keep a single fancy goldfish, you will need at least a 20-gallon tank. You might want to consider a 30-gallon tank at the minimum if you are leaning towards a common goldfish. Hobbyists who want to give their goldfish some company may want to add 10 to 15-gallon capacity for every additional goldfish.

Keeping goldfish in a smaller aquarium than the recommended capacity will inhibit their growth and stress them. If you are looking to raise goldfish, then here are the 10 best goldfish tanks for you.

1. SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set 20gal (pictured above)

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium combo set is a good choice for goldfish tanks. It has a capacity of 20 gallons which makes it suitable for keeping a single fancy goldfish. The kit includes a rectangular fish tank made of acrylic, a 15” light fixture, and a reflector. The acrylic construction makes the aquarium strong yet lightweight as compared to glass aquariums. It won’t develop cracks or chip over time. SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium is available in larger capacities as well. If you want to keep a common goldfish or want to give your fancy goldfish some company, then consider a larger tank.

2. Marina 20G LED Aquarium Kit 20 Gallon

Marina 20G LED Aquarium Kit is a popular item on any list of the 10 best goldfish tanks. It comes with all the essentials to realize your dream of having a goldfish as a pet. It includes a 20-gallon glass aquarium that can be a great home to a single fancy goldfish. An LED module in the canopy lights up the tank. A Marina Slim S20 filter is included in the package for cleaning the water in the tank. You also get Aqua Plus water conditioner to treat tap water, a biological supplement for creating healthy conditions for your fish, and fish food.

3. Aqueon LED Aquarium Kit 20H Black

Aqueon LED aquarium kit 20 H is a suitable product for the beginners. It has a glass tank with a capacity of 20 gallons. You can keep a single fancy goldfish in the tank. The kit also includes a low profile hood with cool white LEDs for lighting the tank, a QuiteFlow 10 Pro power filter for cleaning the water, a 100W heater for maintaining the optimum temperature for you fish, and a thermometer. Its filter has an LED light that indicates when the cartridge requires replacement. You also get fish food, water conditioner, and a fish net inside the kit.

4. Aqua Culture 29 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit With LED

The Aqua Culture Aquarium Starter Kit can hold 29 gallons of water, which will be adequate for a single goldfish, either fancy or common. It has a low-profile hood with integrated LED lighting for a natural look. The kit includes a Tetra internal filter for cleaning the water and keeping the fish healthy. There are cut-outs provided for feeding the fish and changing the filter conveniently. A heater is included to maintain water temperature, and you also get fish food and a water conditioner as well.

5. Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit

The Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit is an excellent choice for keeping a pair of goldfish. The tank has a capacity of 55 gallons and will provide adequate living space for two common goldfishes or three fancy goldfishes. The kit comes with all the essential items to get you started on your hobby. It includes a 200W heater, a filter for cleaning water, a digital thermometer, a 6” fish net, two plant multipacks, and a boxwood plant. An LED light for illumination is also provided. Tetra AquaSafe comes with the kit for dechlorinating and conditioning tap water for filling the aquarium.

6. SCA 66 Gallon Starfire Rimless Aquarium

SCA 66 Gallon Starfire rimless aquarium is a high-quality product among goldfish tanks. It is suitable for keeping up to three goldfish of any variety while ensuring their health and wellbeing. The tank is made of 10mm thick Starfire glass and has a high-volume overflow system built-in. It comes with all the required items that include a three-chamber glass sump, a 180-gallon skimmer (SCA-302) with needle wheel pump (PH2000), and an additional utility return pump (PH2500). You also get filter media, bio-balls, and required piping and tubes in the package.

7. Aqueon Trim/Slim Tank 90 Gallon

If you are looking to purchase all items individually for an aquarium, then the Aqueon Trim/Slim Tank will be a perfect fit for you. It is a fish tank made completely of glass. It has a capacity of 90 gallons which will be suitable for raising four or five goldfishes without any issues. There is a pair of center-braced frames provided for preventing the glass from bowing. You can add accessories from your preferred brands to the tank as required. It comes in a black trim though an oak trim might also be available.

8. Seapora 59216 Standard Aquarium, 90 Gallon

Seapora 59216 aquarium is another barebones option when it comes to goldfish tanks. It can store 90 gallons of water and provide adequate living space for four or five goldfishes. A center-braced frame provides structural rigidity to the tank. It will support the glass to eliminate any bowing. The aquarium is completely made of glass, and its frame has a black trim. As the Seapora 59216 aquarium doesn’t come with any accessories, you are free to choose them as per your liking. It gives you more customization options for your goldfish tank.

9. Perfecto Manufacturing APF97011 Fish Aquarium

The APF97011 fish aquarium from Perfecto Manufacturing is an excellent product for goldfish enthusiasts. It is made of glass and has a capacity of 125 gallons. You can introduce half-dozen goldfish to the tank without any issues. It features two Marineland Corner-Flo systems that ensure efficient circulation of water and prevent any filtration “dead zones” using scientifically engineered water-flow technology. Perfecto Manufacturing APF97011 aquarium comes with frame bracings for preventing the glass from bowing with time. A 120-gallon variant of the tank is also available that comes with one Corner-Flo system.

10. SC Aquariums 150 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquarium

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If you want to go all out with your goldfish hobby, then consider the 150-gallon Starfire tank from SC aquariums. The goldfish tank is made of glass and has 12mm euro bracing. Its 150-gallon capacity provides a roomy environment for half-dozen or even more goldfishes to grow uninhibited, making it one of the best goldfish tanks around. Your fishes will have more than enough room to grow to their full size. The aquarium comes with a built-in overflow box and has three pre-drilled holes. SC Aquarium provides a plumbing kit along with the Starfire aquarium for added convenience.


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