Where to Get a 1,000-Gallon Aquarium

Posted on July 03 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

A 1,000-gallon fish tank isn't something you buy off the shelf. These must be custom made and custom delivered. Here are three companies that can get you there.

And, no, they didn't pay us to be on this list!


FishTankBank is a Delaware-based company specialized in a wide range of tanks. It builds high-quality glass and acrylic custom aquariums of all sizes and dimensions. Shipping is free as of the last time we checked, but you'll need to confirm that for yourself.

SeaQuatic Aquariums

SeaQuatic Aquariums designs custom aquariums at capacities of 500 gallons and above. It also offers handcrafted coral reef inserts, proprietary adhesives, and patent-pending bonding methods. It has experience manufacturing acrylic fish tanks of up to 8,000 gallons and concrete fish tanks of up to 35,000 gallons.

Custom Aquariums

Based in Wisconsin, Custom Aquariums offers you the ability to customize an aquarium or choose from a predefined model. This company's work is featured in zoos, nature centers, pet stores, hospitals, nursing homes, dentist's and doctor’s offices, and restaurants. 



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