Desktop Jellyfish Aquariums: What You Must Know

Posted on July 03 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

* Pictured above is the Lightahead Original LED Jellyfish Lamp

You Don't Need to Go to a Zoo to See a Jellyfish Aquarium

Jellyfish are stunning. Their soothing motion and enchanting forms make them a living form of art. They have been living in our oceans and seas for almost 500 million years. Now, you can give these exotic creatures a home in an aquarium just about anywhere. However, these delicate organisms need a specific tank environment to thrive. 

The first tanks to house Jellyfish were large, expensive and complicated. Today, jellyfish tanks are simpler, aesthetically pleasing, and inexpensive. 

Jellyfish Tank Features: Rounded Corners, "Ocean Currents," and Colorful LEDs

There are many desktop-sized jellyfish tanks available on the market. They are similar to an average fish tank, ranging in capacity from two to 20 gallons. Some even go up to 40 gallons. Tanks larger than 40 gallons are usually customs. Regardless of size, the tanks use rounded corners to prevent the jellyfish from getting trapped or stuck.

To keep jellyfish afloat, the tanks need to maintain a constant flow of water that mimics ocean currents. Generally, these tanks contain a spray bar that allows a gentle sheet of flow. Without this, your aquatic friend will find it impossible to swim in the tank and would flop to the bottom.

Pumps and filtration systems are behind screens to prevent the jellyfish from being sucked in. As they are transparent creatures, these fish tanks are lined with colorful LED lights. 

Jellyfish Tank Maintenance

Once the tank is set up, maintenance is quite easy. Besides daily feeding, you should clean the tank and change 10% of the water once a week. An intense cleaning should be done every six months, which includes rinsing the internal filter sponge.

How Many Jellyfish can be Kept in One Desktop Aquarium?

Generally, in a 6-gallon fish tank, you can keep three or four Moon Jellyfish, so long as the jellyfish are small (around a few inches long). In a 20-gallon aquarium, 10 to 12 of similar size can be kept. However, jellyfish with long tentacles, like Atlantic Sea Nettles, should be limited to two or three in a 20-gallon tank to avoid tangling.

Most importantly, jellyfish will only get as big as their environment will allow. 



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