Decoration Ideas for Small Aquariums

Posted on July 03 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

Decoration Ideas for Small Aquariums

Decorating small aquariums can be tricky due to limited space. It's not impossible, though.

Here are some terrific decoration ideas for small aquariums.

Choose Colorful Gravel

You need gravel anyway. Why not kick it up a notch? Use a colorful gravel bed instead of a bland one. Consider attractive colors such as fluorescent blue or turquoise blue, or go for a multi-colored approach.

Bubble Up a Small Airstone

Adding an airstone requires very little space. It can be placed anywhere on the gravel. Its air pump is installed outside the aquarium and can be hidden from view. You only need space for airline tubing, which is quite thin and easily manageable. The bubbles from an airstone can fill a seemingly empty aquarium. It also improves the oxygen levels in the water while creating circulation.

Swap in a Single, Large Plant

Swap several small plants for one larger one, and complement its color with the color of the gravel bed. This adds a touch of class, as well as hiding spots for your fish.

Add a Background or Wallpaper

One of the simplest small aquarium decoration ideas is to add a background or wallpaper. There are many 3D wallpapers and fish tank backgrounds available that add depth and dimension to your aquarium. They can make the aquarium look bigger than it actually is. Their designs add color and contrast as well. They are easy to install and don’t require any maintenance.

Use a Waterfall Filter

You can add a waterfall to small aquariums without sacrificing space. There are many power filters and submersible filters that you can hang on the side of your fish tank. They pour back the filtered water into the tank, creating a waterfall. Practical and visually attractive!


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