6 Things You Must Do to Keep Your Aquarium Clean

Posted on June 28 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

6 Things You Must Do to Keep Your Aquarium Clean

Keeping a fish tank clean is essential for ensuring that its inhabitants stay healthy. It will also keep the setup looking good, since the water in the tank will accumulate waste and debris over time which may cause cloudiness. A dirty tank will deteriorate the health of the plants and fishes and may even be life-threatening to them. You need to keep the tank clean for providing a healthy environment for your aquatic pets.

Here are a six things you must do to keep your fish tank clean.

Maintain The Filter

Maintaining the filter is an important activity to keep your fish tank clean. Aquariums require a filter to clean the water in the tank. These filters may be built into the tank or installed separately. They use different types of filtration media to get rid of mechanical, biological, and chemical impurities. Popular filtration media include foam or pads, ceramic, and activated carbon. The filtration media will work for a specified duration and become less efficient with usage. They will require replacement every month or two depending on their type. You should regularly change the filtration media for maintaining your filter.

Change the Water Regularly

One of the essential steps to keep your fish tank clean is to change its water at regular intervals. The water in aquariums gets dirty due to debris, waste, and impurities. Its nitrite concentration also increases, which can be harmful to the fishes. You must change the water regularly in addition to using a filter to get rid of these impurities. As a general rule, you must replace 25% of the water in your fish tank at least once every week or two. You may have to increase the frequency depending on the size of your aquarium and the number and type of fish species in it. Always condition the tap water before adding it to your aquarium.

Vacuum The Gravel/Bed

An aquarium vacuum provides another way of keeping your fish tank clean. While filtration and water changes can get rid of any debris in the water, they will not be able to remove waste and food particles trapped between the gravel or substrate of the aquarium. You will need to vacuum the gravel or the bed to remove them. There are specially designed aquarium vacuums available that allow you to clean the gravel or the substrate material. Most of them attach to a faucet and can be used for washing the gravel as well as replacing the water. A few of them use a battery or run on the mains for cleaning the gravel automatically.

Clean The Tank Thoroughly

You will have to undertake a thorough cleaning of your fish tank every month or two as well. There may be a few stubborn waste particles or debris that can’t be removed with regular cleaning. Algae also tend to grow on the sides of aquariums over time. You will have to clean your aquarium thoroughly for getting rid of them. It may involve moving the fish to a temporary container, emptying the aquarium, and scrapping its sides to remove the algae. Any decorative items should also be removed and cleaned properly by scrubbing them. Timely, thorough cleaning will keep your tank clean and its inhabitants healthy.


Don’t Overfeed The Fish

Overfeeding can lead to accumulation of food in the water. It may change the appearance of the water and make it cloudy. You may also have to clean your aquarium more frequently. Ensure that you feed the fish only the adequate amount of food and at the right intervals.

Use Decorations and Ornaments Carefully

Introducing a new decoration such as a 3D background can also discolor the water in a fish tank. You must properly wash the decorative item or ornament before introducing it in a fish tank. Be mindful of overcrowding the aquarium with decorations. They may lower the amount of water an aquarium can hold. It will reduce the amount of living space available to plants and fishes and may induce stress in them. The reduced water level will overload the filtration system as well. Ensure that the decorations and ornaments are not overcrowding your fish tank.


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