Top 6 Aquarium Brands You Should Know

Posted on June 23 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

Top 6 Aquarium Brands You Should Know

It is easy to get lost in the sea of aquarium options out there. However, if you stick to some tried and true aquarium brands, you should find what you're after.

Here are the top six brands. No, none of them gave us any money for this list!


Based in Wisconsin and developed by true aquatic hobbyists, Aqueon offers a comprehensive array of aquarium solutions in order to maintain healthy and life-sustaining aquatic environments.


Since 1975, when it broke onto the aquatic scene by introducing the world’s first 3-stage filter, Fluval has been a landmark in launching innovative aquarium products that set the bar in quality, functionality, and style. Fluval is one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the aquarium world. 


Tetra was established by Dr. Ulrich Baensch in 1951 and is a manufacturer of fish food products. Tetra revolutionized the industry when it launched flaked fish food when ready-made products were not available. With the advent of flaked fish food, the aquarium hobby opened up to a whole new range of people. 


Based in the USA, Marineland has been manufacturing innovative aquarium products for several decades. The spirit of innovation can be found in all of its products as diverse as the Magnum canister filter and the revolutionary Advanced LED Lighting Systems. 


Juwel is a leading aquarium brand in Europe. It has been synonymous with innovation and quality in aquarium manufacturing for more than 50 years. It takes pride in providing solid, functional, and attractive aquariums.


Based in Missouri, Koller is known for its seamless and leak-proof aquariums, which it introduced in 1985. Because they can be molded as one piece, Koller has created aquariums in all kinds of creative shapes like 180 view (half-moon), panaview (no sharp corners), 360 view (circular), semi hex, stemware (brandy glass), scalloped and pedestal kit. 


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