Read This Before You Buy a Wall-Mounted Fish Tank

Posted on June 29 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

Read This Before You Buy a Wall-Mounted Fish Tank

Did you know that there are wall-mounted aquariums? Aquariums of this kind are also known as portrait aquariums, due to the resemblance to pictures. They are not as common as regular fish tanks, but they are out there! 

Advantages of Wall-Mounted Aquariums

These aquariums look high end. That's the primary reason anyone considers them. Although most wall-mounted aquariums are 18 inches long and 6 inches deep, there are custom-made units that can reach several feet long.

These tanks go beyond the looks department. For small spaces, wall-mounted aquariums are a great choice, too. They don't require floor space, so they are also ideal for spaces where high traffic is common.

Finally, looking at the fish at eye level is appealing. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Wall-Mounted Aquarium

Most of these tanks reach 100 pounds when full. Some even reach 300 pounds, which means the mount must be exceptional. Studs and concrete-based installation methods are the most recommended. Drywall alone isn't an option.

Which fish do you want to keep in your new tank? Not all species can live in wall-mounted aquariums. The oxygen exchange is poor, so smaller fish are usually the only choice.

How will you maintain the tank? How will you change the water and clean the substrate? Will you be able to easily access the essential components of the tank? You need to answer these questions before making the purchase.

Also consider what is beneath the mounted tank. Can it get wet?

If you have pets, such as a cat, will the tank be safe from intrusions? Will it be safe from human intrusions, too, such as from children? Remember, this aquarium will be a focal point and spur a lot of curiosity.

If you can answer these questions, you're ready. Have fun!


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