Marineland 65 Gallon Aquarium Review

Posted on June 09 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

I bought a Marineland 65 Gallon Aquarium in used condition and it certainly looked the part of a used tank, but I have been impressed with its size (and dimension ratios) and its overall quality construction.

The first thing that impressed me most with the Marineland 65 Gallon Aquarium is it’s dimensions. So often, especially in the smaller sizes, you will see a low height, small front to back depth, and wide tank. The Marineland 65 Gallon tank is more like a cube than a rectangle. It allows you to “aquascape” with a little more freedom than a typical aquarium and the depth and height that you can go with the rock seems to be a lot more natural looking scene.

The tank that I bought also came with a built-in overflow. The workmanship (this was done by someone else after they bought the aquarium) was not the greatest but the tank held up great and still to this day does not have any leaks to it. The aquarium frame and glass type is not exactly the best you can get but the durability of this tank more than makes up for the exposed frame and “normal” glass.

I would recommend the Marineland 65 Gallon Aquarium for any type of fish tank, whether used for saltwater or freshwater.


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