A Quick Guide to Inside Aquarium Filters

Posted on June 14 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

A Quick Guide to Inside Aquarium Filters

What are Inside Aquarium Filters?

Inside aquarium filters are fully submersible filters kept inside your aquarium. They are different from external filters that are required to be placed in a cabinet or hung on the back of your aquarium.

Inside aquarium filters are an ideal choice for you if there is an area in your tank that needs enhancement in water flow. They can be used to assist with the high bioload of the aquarium.

It is generally recommended to use inside aquarium filters for small tanks that are under 20 gallons, but they can also be utilized with dead spots in larger aquariums. 

How Do Inside Aquarium Filters Work?

Inside aquarium filters operate similarly to external aquarium filters, but they must be fully submerged in the water to work. The inside aquarium filter can be attached with the help of suction to the walls or bottom of the aquarium. Usually, it is placed in one of the rear corners of the aquarium.

The airline is connected to the filter inlet. Air is pumped into this filter via a water pump that is located outside the aquarium. The pumped air moves through the filter and is dispersed on the surface of the water, producing air bubbles. These air bubbles produce much-needed motion in the water that helps filter media.

Most common inside filters use foams as the main mechanical material and a cartridge that has activated carbon to eliminate organic wastes in the water.

Benefits of Inside Aquarium Filters

Inside aquarium filters are simple to hide from view by using plants and decorations, preserving the visual appeal of your fish tank. Other benefits of inside aquarium filters are:

  • They are cheap
  • Quiet
  • Easy to install
  • Do not need a ton of maintenance


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