4 Floating Plants to Try in Your Aquarium

Posted on June 09 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

4 Floating Plants to Try in Your Aquarium

Floating plants provide food and absorb harmful chemicals. Plus, they are low-maintenance and grow really fast. Below you will see some of the best, low-maintenance plants of this kind.

1.Water lettuce

Water lettuce is the most beautiful plant of this kind. It has large leaves and it is easy to maintain. The only thing you should be aware of is that they eliminate the amount of light reaches the floor, so they must be controlled at all times. They also spread quickly, so make sure they don’t cover the entire tank.Due to the size, we will recommend them for 100+ gallon tanks, but they can be kept in smaller ones (in smaller numbers).

2. Amazon Frogbit

Once a leader, this plant is still the option to consider. It has a bit larger leaves than the plant mentioned below, so it is suitable for small, medium and even large tanks, depending on the number of the plants. We liked the fact it creates a unique atmosphere in a tank, so it is suitable for fish and creatures that prefer darker water. The next thing to consider is that the roots may clog the pump! Make sure that doesn’t happen by adding the net on the pipes.

3. Duckweed

This is a plant that can actually make you money. It grows really fast and it is small, so it is suitable for smaller tanks as well. It will cover the entire surface of a tank in a couple of weeks, so make sure you remove or trim it if that happens. 


Hornwort is a rare plant that can be categorized as “suspended”. It is basically a floating plant, but it can be linked to the floor as well. It is native to the United Kingdom and it is very desirable. The main aspect of the plant is the ability to float and to regenerate quickly. Some of them may even reach 6 feet of length, so keep your eye on them. Small fish like this plant, simply because it creates a wonderful hiding place.


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