10 Terrific Aquarium Filters

Posted on June 14 2024, By: Aquarium Dimensions

10 Terrific Aquarium Filters

Aquarium filters are an essential requirement for keeping your aquarium clean and fishes healthy. They filter debris, waste, impurities, and harmful toxins from the water. These filters can remove odors and reverse discoloration as well. Aquarium filters also promote the growth of certain bacteria that are beneficial to aquatic pets.

Here are 10 worth getting your hands on if you can.

Aqua Clear – Fish Tank Filter (pictured above)

Aqua Clear Fish Tank Filter uses a multistage process for mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration of the water. Its design maximizes the contact time between water and filter media for superior filtration.

The filter uses an AquaClear foam for trapping debris, activated carbon for removing impurities, and BioMax filter inserts to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. The pump in the filter is energy efficient and consumes less electricity (compared to other filters). It is simple to install and use.

MarineLand Penguin 350 BIO-Wheel Power Filter

The MarineLand Penguin 350 BIO-Wheel Power Filter has a flow rate of 350 gallons per hour, making it suitable for 50 to 70-gallon aquariums. The power filter cleans water using mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration, removing debris, waste, impurities, odors, and discoloration.

The MarineLand Penguin 350 uses two Rite-Size C filter cartridges that are easy to replace. It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Tetra Whisper In-Tank Filter with BioScrubber for Aquariums

This comes with a large bio-bag filter cartridge for cleaning the water. The filter will function efficiently in tanks with only two inches of water, which makes it suitable for turtles. You can create a waterfall with it as well.

It comes with a hanger for easy installation, but you can also use a pair of suction cups.

Marina Slim Power Filter

The Marina Slim Power Filter will suit small aquariums. It comes with two filter cartridges, Bio-Carb and Bio-Clear. It is equipped with a self-priming pump that makes it convenient to use.

A flow controller allows you to adjust the water flow as required. 

Tetra Whisper EX Silent Multi-Stage Power Filter for Aquariums

The Tetra Whisper EX is a common choice of fish hobbyists. It uses Tetra EX carbon filters that trap particles, and eradicate discoloration and odors. A bio-scrubber inside the filter gets rid of harmful substances like ammonia and nitrites.

It uses a continuous flushing action to prevent debris from accumulating, so you don't have to maintain your aquarium as frequently.

The Tetra Whisper EX aquarium filter is suitable for turtle tanks as well. Its pump doesn’t require any priming, so you can install it straight from the box. 

Hygger Quiet Internal Aquarium Filter

If you are looking for a compact offering, then consider the Hygger Quiet Internal Aquarium Filter. It is designed for 1- to 12-gallon aquariums, and consumes only 7W of power. It is capable of filtering 110 gallons of water per hour, which is adequate for small aquariums.

There is a two-section spray bar that circulates the water in the aquarium. It has a poly-fiber floss chamber that traps debris and an activated carbon chamber for removing odor and impurities. A knob allows you to adjust the flow rate.

Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Aquarium Power Filters

The Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO is one of the best-selling items among  aquarium filters. It has mechanical, chemical, and biological filtering capabilities for cleaning the water.

The filter comes with Aqueon’s special filter pads that have 25% more activated carbon than comparable models. It uses a self-priming pump that removes the hassle of adding water for starting the filter.

The pump has been designed to reduce noise and vibration. An LED light alerts you when the filter cartridges require replacement. 

Aqua-Tech Power Aquarium Filter

The Aqua-Tech Power Filter uses a three-step filtration process for keeping your aquarium clean and healthy. The process starts with trapping dirt and debris, followed by the removal of odor and impurities using activated carbon, and finally the elimination of toxic ammonia and nitrites.

It uses EZ-change filter cartridges. The design of the filter minimizes clogging while maximizing water contact for improved efficiency.

Penn Plax Cascade Hang-on Aquarium Filter

The Penn Plax Cascade can clean aquariums with capacities ranging from two gallons to 100 gallons. The filter will remove chemicals, debris, impurities, harmful substances, and toxins from the water. It will also reverse the discoloration of water and promote the growth of good bacteria. A flow knob controls the rate of filtration. It has a hang-on design that is easy to install.

Hygger Aquarium Double Sponge Filter

The Hygger Aquarium Double Sponge Filter is an innovative product. It doesn’t have a motor, and is designed to be used with an air pump. The filter is capable of mechanical and bio-filtration as well as oxygenation.

It also circulates water in the aquarium. There are two sponge filters with dedicated containers for storing filter media. They also promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. You can extend and rotate its outlet tube above or below the waterline. 


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