The Pleco Feeder Sponsors Keystone Clash 2024

Posted on December 01 2023, By: Benjamin Sobieck

Fishkeeping Events in Pennsylvania

The Pleco Feeder is proud to announce it is sponsoring Keystone Clash 2024, the nation's largest hobbyist-run aquarium convention. The event will take place Oct. 4-6, 2024, at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Morgantown, Pennsylvania.

Specifically, we'll be sponsoring a presentation on "The Unusual Anatomy of Plecos." The presenter, Rebecca Bentley, is an ichthyologist specializing in loricariidae. She's coming all the way from the United Kingdom to give what is sure to be an informative lecture.

Attendees of Keystone Clash will also have a chance to win a Pleco Feeder.

That's only a small slice of the fun in store. It's not too early to start planning your trip. Find more information about attending Keystone Clash 2024 on its website. Hope to see you there!


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