How to Feed Plecos

An Important Message from the Staff of The Pleco Feeder

Posted on November 25 2023, By: Benjamin Sobieck

How to Feed Plecos

Today is Small Business Saturday. When you support small businesses like The Pleco Feeder, your hard-earned money goes back into the people and communities who make the wheels turn.

Here are three way we do exactly that.

1) The Pleco Feeder is Still Made in the United States

When we acquired this business earlier this year from its founder, we had to make a decision: do we outsource production to save money, or do we continue to manufacture in the United States? We made the right choice.

2) We're an Independent Business

We don't have investors or boards of directors. This means the proceeds from The Pleco Feeder pay for mortgages, school supplies, groceries, gas, local taxes, and more. This strengthens our community.

3) We Support Aquarist Organizations

We invest in the future of fishkeeping by providing prizes for fundraisers hosted by non-profit aquarium organizations across the country. We do this free of charge.

You have many choices this holiday season on where to make a purchase. Whether it's with us or someone else, please consider the wider impact that small businesses bring to their communities.

Thank you!

Ben Sobieck
The Pleco Feeder