Take a Look: The Pleco Feeder Ad in the May/June 2024 Issue of Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

Posted on April 18 2024, By: Benjamin Sobieck

It's Here!

Did you catch it?

The May/June 2024 issue of Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine featured something interesting on page 28 alongside an article about nano tanks.

 Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine May June 2024 issue Food for pleco fishes
How to feed plecos


That's right. That's an ad for The Pleco Feeder.

This isn't much of a surprise, considering we announced the ad appearance prior to publication. It is, however, a great feeling to pick up a physical magazine and see your ad staring back at you.

It's also good to know we're reinvesting in a community that invests in us. This type of support matters.

Here's the ad isolated. The design is tilted on purpose to draw the eye. The art pokes fun at DIY contraptions used to feed plecos fresh food--for better or worse. This isn't a real setup, though. That's all image editing.

Feeding plecos isn't this hard

"Yeah, that's Great, but Isn't Print Dead?"

Why advertise in a print magazine when there are countless ways to market online?


Print magazines offer an immersive refuge from the onslaught of AI-generated backwash. Yes, there are still plenty of great content producers online, but the internet is a game of mutating algorithms and breezy attention spans.

It stands to reason a renaissance for print media is due in niche spaces, where content meets expert curation instead of corrupted LLMs with a taste for their own tails.

A magazine exists in its own space, walled off from the long arms of Google, OpenAI, Apple, et al. That independence means longevity, especially in a hobby as dedicated as this one.

Plus, it's all in four-color!

On that note, subscribe to Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine here. Quite refreshingly, we get no kickbacks from that link.

Some Insider Info

Here's some insider information: the email blast we sent out in February announcing the ad was the most opened and clicked email on record. It's not even close. 

That tells us you care about this reinvestment as much as we do. We'll be sure to continue on.

Thank you!

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  • Lori Eldon

    Lori Eldon

    April 20, 2024

    More people should know about your product. I live in Essex Ontario Canada and everyone I show loves it but has never heard of it,

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