Purrclean Cat Litter Waste Bags, Pet Poop Bags for Smart Litter Box.

Purrclean Waste Bags for  Litter Box makes pet waste collection easy. After pet waste is separated from the good litter, it falls into the waste bin at the bottom of the unit. All used pet waste is stored in one of these waste bags, which is easy to tie with its drawstring. Close the bag up and throw it away.

Waste and Clumps in one place: After the waste and clumps fall into the waste bin, they fall into the waste bin bag for your Convenience and easy cleanup.

Secured and Easily Removeable: The waste bin is secured with a plastic ring that snaps into place onto the waste bin. When removing, De-attach the ring, and use the waste bag to drawstring to tie it up and throw waste and clumps away.

Package Quantity: 20 pcs per roll.

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