The Pleco Feeder | The Better Way to Feed Your Pleco Fish

Easily Feed Plecos Fresh Food

Patented & Made in the USA

pleco food holder
Feed Plecostomus suckermouth catfish

For Tanks Up to 30 Gallons and Larger

How to Feed Plecos


No Electricity Required

Best Ways to feed Plecos

Made in the USA

What Our Customers Say

"There's no understating the usefulness of this product. I hate having to reach way into my aquarium to scoop up uneaten vegetables, or rig some kind of system to keep them from bobbing to the surface."

"This is one of those things you didn't know was missing from your life until you get one."

"Before this, I had to blanch the hell out of my zucchini and hope it would sink in the tank. Now I can just attach it to the feeder and let it ride."